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The Concentric Arts Educational Fund Inc. is a Non Profit Corporation organized and registered in the state of Florida on September 24th of 2008 exclusively for charitable and educational purposes and is currently being evaluated for its 501 (c)3 Tax Exemption Status. The Concentric Arts Educational Fund was created specifically to allow the giving of scholarships to students of all ages as well as grants to artists, families, creative people and teachers based on creativity at events produced by the for profit organization Concentric Productions, Inc. We believe that by using art as a foundation for supporting the pursuit of higher education we are serving to strengthen communities, in many long reaching and positive ways. Since its formation it has become apparent that the need for these types of incentives for creative people is in great demand, and we are happy to be working on forming alliances with other organizations and events in a broader effort to connect and give more in the coming years. The Concentric Arts Educational Fund is committed to making all contributions count. It is imortant that funds that are entrusted to us are given back to the community. We carry no employees and maintain minimal administration expenses. We rely on volunteerism and the generosity of those who share our vision for a more creatively driven future.


Downtown Sidewalk Chalk Contest is an annual event held the second Saturday in November at The Jacksonville Landing. www.jaxchalkfest.com


SPONSOR THE CHALK FEST: in any amount and help us to give more! 100% of donations received (minus paypal fee) will go directly to awarding Scholarships and Grants! You can sponsor a specific scholarship, a competitor, or an artist! Just make a note in the comments section during your paypal checkout so we can place your name for recognition in the right location. With your donations we can get together to draw, share and shine!


Beaches Sidewalk Chalk Contest will be added to www.jaxchalkfest.com soon.


(Mural De Spring) Annual Spring fundraising event focused around the creation of a 40' chalk mural. In addition to great performances, and a gallery showing of some of Jacksonville's most talented artists, the past event featured a local Culinary Artist Showcase wich brought out the best food in Jacksonville! www.muraldespring.com


(Mural De Fall) Concentric Arts Educational Fund Fundraising event coming soon... details to be announced as they develop.


(Art Walk) We have exhibited in Hemming Plaza and at The Library Jax several times. This is a fantastic Art Centric event that brings downtown to life for a full evening the first Wednesday of every month. www.downtownjacksonville.org/first-wednesday-art-walk


(Tree Hill Butterfly Festival) This annual kids event is fabulous! The entire Festival is themed around Butterflies and at the end of the day hundreds of Butterflies are released to live in the Tree Hill Nature Sanctuary. www.treehill.org


(Riverside Arts Market ) What a stunning success this new addition to the community has become! We are absolutely thrilled to have been invited to participate on two occaisons this year. www.riversideartsmarket.com


= giving events.

= fundraising events.

= promotional and co-op events where participation is designed to increase awareness for the organization and its events.



President and Founding Officer is: Sherry Hill (Corrie)

Independant Board of Directors:

Chair: Gray Solomon

Vice Chair: Peter King

Treasurer/Secretary: Kristin Perry

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phone: 904 612 8491

fax: 904 744 0333

Concentric Arts Educational Fund, Inc.

5843 Commerce Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32211

By-laws and annual reports available at www.sunbiz.org